Pollen Allergies
April 13, 2011

Dear Dr. He and Dr. Chen,

I stopped by one day hoping to talk to either one of you and express how blown away I am that I have no allergies this season. It’s happening to me and I still can’t believe it. All my friends are amazed that acupuncture cured my severe allergy to Oak pollen. They all would kid around with me about how I was wasting my time and money and that there was no cure for allergies. Boy are they embarrassed by their ignorance. I tell everyone about you guys and encourage them to seek your expertise not only for allergies but other ailments.

Just two years ago I was so miserable that I dragged myself out of bed and did some research on the internet for something to give me relief. That is when I discovered the acupuncture cure from a Doctor in Texas. I was prepared at that time to fly there and get treatments. He assured me that acupuncture would work but it was a process and take some time and a number of visits. I was impressed by him because he doesn’t make his patients pay until they are cured because he knows it works. Kindly enough he did some research for me to find someone near me and recommended your clinic.

I can’t even begin to express my gratitude for what you have given to me. You have given me life back and the part that I just loved the spring time and could not enjoy it. You are both amazing and in my opinion Miracle Workers! If ever you have a patient who is skeptical please give them my number and I’ll enlighten them with first-hand knowledge.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

-Margie Jenkins

Allergic to Oak, Grass and Weed Pollen

March 16, 2012

I came to you with severe allergies to oak, grass and weed pollen, As everyone knows when pollen season hits the symptoms are quite severe. It was horrible I had to stay inside and even that did not very work well. My eyes were so irritated and itchy that I couldn’t stand it and had to rub them which made them even worse. I tried some homeopathic products and they gave a measure of relief but it didn’t last. I was so overwhelmed by the pollen that it even affected my digestion. I was limited to vegetables, grains and a very small amount of fruit. If I ate anything else I would have severe inflammation, swelling of the face, nasal congestion and asthma attacks. I came in to have acupuncture and NAET treatment. The relief I got was immediate. After 25 hours I was able to go outside and resume my normal activities with no symptoms at all. I want to thank you for your concern and expertise. You have made it possible for a complete recovery without having to resort to medicines of any kind and now I can enjoy being outside again without any discomfort at all. The NAET treatment you gave me for several food allergies I had, have also now been corrected and I can now eat all of the foods that gave me the problems. I am so glad that I have had these treatments as they have made my body healthy and it has given me a better quality of life.

Thank you again

Donna Gray, Brooksville

Knee Pain

Thanks so much for helping me with my knee. I am so grateful to be able to run again also I’m now even doing a spinning class! I ran a 5 miler last week and I now plan to run in the Turkey Trot! Have an awesome Thanksgiving.

-Elizabeth F.

Back Pain

"In 1987 I injured my lower back on the job by lifting a huge box of paper. After 7 months of agony, I consented to laminectomy and spinal fusion surgery of L4, L5, and S1. The major problem was corrected, but the pain remained. I tried everything, nothing worked. I was placed in a body cast and walked with a cane. The doctors told me that was as good as it was ever going to be. I became addicted to pain medication. I prayed to God for an answer. I was only 32 years old and could not imagine living the rest of my life like that.

I met Dr. He through a Health Fair at my church. She used me as her demonstration model because I had a terrible headache that day. When I got up from the session, my headache was gone and I knew I had found my answer.

By the end of 14 treatments, I was out of the body cast, didn't need my cane to walk, and my pain was manageable without the constant use of drugs.

In 1994, I was in an elevator that fell 5 floors. I reinjured my lower back and crushed C5 and C6 vertebrae in my neck. I had to endure more surgery to repair the damage. Once again, acupuncture came to my rescue in the area of pain management.

I have a 19% permanent disability rating, but thanks to acupuncture, I am a productive citizen. Am I completely pain free? No. As I age, I discover new aches and pains that are related to the accidents. However, I know that whenever I begin to feel myself getting out of balance, I can run into the office for some acupuncture treatments and feel much better."
-Sara P.

Hot Flashes
"39 years ago I underwent a complete hysterectomy.  This resulted in menopausal symptoms, the most severe of which were hot flashes.  Three years ago I was removed from hormone replacement therapy due to a deep vein thrombosis (clot) which was discovered in my right leg.  I was advised that I should never again take hormones.

When the hot flashes increased last year, I started treatments with Dr. He.  Since that time, I have been symptom free.

Thank you, Dr. He, for all your help!"

"I was suffering so much with a severe case of shingles.  With approximately 10 treatments from these great doctors I was pain free."

"I had a severe stroke, and for three years I was barely kept alive with medical treatment.  I was introduced to the Office of Oriental Family Medicine and after several treatments, I started walking (only a cane needed).  Today I have a life and able to travel, swim and enjoy my family.

Thanks so very much for your help."

Back Pain and Sciatica
July 12, 2004
Oriental Family Medicine
901 N. Hercules Ave., Ste. F
Clearwater, FL 33765

Dear Dr. He:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the remarkable improvement in my leg.  In just a matter of a few weeks, my leg has gone from being so painful it would bring tears to my eyes to where I am now walking at almost 100%.

Your professionalism, dedication and program are to be highly commended.

As you know, this it the second episode I have had like this, the first one with my right leg, which is now completely recovered.  Both times your treatment far exceeded expectations.

Again, thank you very much.

Very Truly Yours,
-J. M. Nolon

Osteoporosis and Back Pain
October 30, 2004
Dear Dr. He,

First allow me to apologize for not being in contact sooner. As you can imagine I was quite busy catching up at work after my return from The Mayo Clinic in September. Second allow me to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I don't know how to fully express to you what you've done for me except to say ...I feel wonderful.

When I think back on this past year of doctor after doctor, test after test and the unbearable pain which crippled my life, I just want to cry. The only way I was able to make it through my days was with pain pills and muscle relaxants which left me spaced out and depressed over my condition. In all of my 41 years I had never experienced anything worse than the flu or other minor illnesses but the diagnosis of osteoporosis and the resulting bone, muscle and nerve pain was devastating to my lifestyle. I was truly at the end of my rope and options when I came to you. The treatments I received at your clinic were all new to me but I looked forward to them and felt so safe in your care. You told me you could help me the first day I met with you and I sit here today not knowing how I could ever possibly thank you for giving me my life back.

Am I pain free? No I have good days and bad days but they are nothing like they were before I came to you. At our first meeting, you were confident that you could relieve 75-80% of my pain and you were right. You also gave me the ability keep the pain from intensifying to the point that it incapacitates me. Now if I am doing something too strenuous or sitting in a position too long and I feel that familiar twinge working up my spine, I simply stop what I'm doing and move. My bone pain comes and goes but it has lessened in intensity too and hopefully the medication I am on will completely take that away someday. Please take no offense, but I am actually enjoying not having doctors appointments and tests, it's a delight not to have my life revolve around them. I can imagine this is an obvious drawback to your practice. You become such a important part of a patients life and care, only to cure them and not see them again.

Thanks to you and Mayo I can sleep much easier at night.  I am sure that I will be seeing you again someday but hopefully not for anything as serious as I experienced. You are a true gift to your patients and I for one will never be able to thank you enough. If there is anything I can ever do for you, or you have a patient who is doubtful of your treatment please don't hesitate to call. Thank you for everything!
-P. Levy

Ostioarthritis, Stenosis and Sciatica
In August of 2002, I began to experience back problems.  The pain was in my lower spine area on the left side.  I went to see my Primary Care Physician, who ordered an x-ray, which showed osteoarthritis.  Since I was still having pain, a MRI was ordered which showed 4 bulging disc, severe spinal stenosis, general deterioration and sciatic nerve impingement.  I had always had a congenital spine condition, but had never had any problems till now.

I was referred to a spinal surgeon who ordered Cortisone injections.  The shot seem to help some, but after the first week, the symptoms returned.  The surgeon was non-committal regarding how successful the out come of surgery might be.  It could be successful, or it might make my situation a whole lot worse. With this advice, I decided not to have the surgery and try to “live with it”.

In December 2002, My Primary Care Physician placed me on medication to help with the pain. She also recommended I try physiotherapy, electrical stimulation and massage.  The exercises did help me cope with the pain.  

In June of 2003, I had twelve sessions with a chiropractor and had some relief.  She told me` that she couldn’t do any more for me.

In January of 2004, I had six treatments with Dr. He who was recommended to me by my Chiropractor.   My pain slowly began to decrease.  In February of this year, my Primary Care Physician said I could gradually discontinue using the medication, since the pain had ceased.

Now I am able to get back to my daily activities that including walking two miles a day for 35 years.  I continue get once a month maintenance treatments with Dr. He.  

I will forever be grateful for my return to good health, and feel that without having had acupuncture that I would still be severe lower back and leg pain.  I also feel that all forms of medicine have their place in today’s complex healing process and I am grateful for my Primary Care, Chiropractic and Acupuncture Physician work together to make a better life for me.
-C. K. Allen
(Letter condensed by staff due to length)

Miracle Baby
Being a mother has always been part of my future as I imagined it, something I would not negotiate. I knew I was taking my chances by marrying someone, who underwent vasectomy years ago, but I truly believed that real love overcomes everything, and I still choose to believe so.

Now, the facts: when my husband finally agreed to vasectomy reversal under intense pressure from my side, he was 45, I was 36. I think his lack of desire to have more kids (he was already dealing with two loved and often disappointing teenage kids from his previous marriage) contributed to the outcome of the reversal: 6 months after it his sperm count was zero. On my side, I did not ovulate regularly as far as I and ovulation kits can tell and my progesterone was low (made a test), but of course no doctors would deal with me while he did not have a chance.

About this time, in the autumn of 2000, I found Dr. He practice through an acupuncturists’ directory, looking for an infertility specialist in the area, and I wanted both of us to undergo the treatments. Dr. He did not promise anything to my husband, since there were surgeries involved, but she was willing to try to treat him with acupuncture and herbs, and he agreed (in addition to that I was giving him supplements of zinc and vitamins).

I myself also received a course in acupuncture and herbs from Dr. He. I would say acupuncture was a very relaxing experience. Dr. He was treating my “liver fire” and balancing the hormones. I think it was also very important that Dr. He acknowledged my pain about inability to get pregnant, and women who have been there know — it is a lot of pain. At the acupuncture sessions, she was promoting the grief-releasing, so I would often find myself crying during the treatments. Another thing I noticed right away was that my periods became almost pain-free (I had to take strong painkillers on the first day of my period since I started having them). I was also able to shift my thinking from “I have to have a baby” to “I believe that the baby will come when the time is right” and I felt more peaceful inside.

About three months later, when my husband finished both the acupuncture course and herbs and I was still taking herbs (along with a vitamin complex) I got pregnant! (I used ovulation kit to choose the right days, did visualizations and sent Reiki, the energy of love and compassion, for the highest good and a possibility of conception). I was afraid to believe it in the beginning, but it was true, my baby was on his way. Anthony was born on Thanksgiving of 2001, and on his Birthday every year I truly give thanks and my gratitude to the people who made his miraculous appearance possible, and Dr. He is one of them. Thank you so much!
-With Love, Anastasia

Migrain Caused By Allergies
August 2, 2004
I just wanted to let you know how N.A.E.T. has completely changed my life.  I have inherited food, environmental, and emotional allergies from my family, which causes me headaches, muscle and joint pain, migraines, and canker sores in my mouth, to name a few.  I would contract strep throat, sinusitis, and bronchitis at least every 4 to 6 weeks.  I have suffered neurological disorders from a car wreck after being hit by a careless driver.

I went to a Neurologist to help with the neurological problems and the migraines.  He did everything he could and nothing gave me enough relief.  He informed me his daughter had severe migraines which he was unable to cure, no matter what he did.  He became so frustrated, met Dr. He, and decided Acupuncture could not hurt his daughter, so it was worth a try.  His daughter has been migraine free for the last few years.  He offered me the referral to consult with Dr. He.  Thank God I did.

The neurological disorders I have suffered with are gone.  My migraines are gone.  I have not had strep throat, sinusitis or bronchitis, since I completed my initial 10 allergen treatments five years ago.  Upon finishing the vitamin C treatment my canker sores disappeared.  I drink orange juice and other vitamin C items without even getting a sore.  This list goes on and on, and on.

I have my life back, and it feels great!  Because my Neurologist shared his story abort his daughter and Dr. He, I found my cure.  I did everything I was told, whether I understood it or not, because Ii knew I was safe.  As my neurologist put it “it wouldn’t hurt me or make things worse.”  I wanted to take the chance with N.A.E.T. and Acupuncture because there was a good possibility it could make me better and it did.

I wrote my experience with the hope that others will benefit from my story, and take the chance with N.A.E.T., and Acupuncture.
-S. McGowan

Neck, Shoulder and Foot Pain
July 16, 2004
I came to Dr. He with shoulder and neck pain. 

After only two treatments, the pain had lessened a lot.  After 7 treatments it was gone!  Two special treatments on my feet also were very effective.

Dr. He as well as her staff was very caring, and I certainly will recommend Dr. He as well as the non-invasive method of acupuncture to my friends and acquaintances.

Thank you very much!
-R. Liebrock

My Ear is Quiet
Thanks to Dr. He, my ear is quiet

In April of ‘96 while I was in Church, I had a very big sneeze which blew something, to this day I don’t know what, in my good right ear. Since I already had a hearing loss and have been wearing a hearing aid in my right ear since the age of 4, this was not good. The sneeze had affected my hearing in such a way as to give me vertigo whenever I put my hearing aid on. There was also constant noise/ringing in my ears that was very bad and made it hard for me to hear.

I went everywhere I could locally to all the best doctors. No one could help me either. To this day, I cannot wear a hearing aid in my right ear. I now wear one in my left ear which has a profound loss. However, Dr. He did what no one else could do:  she got rid of the constant noise/ringing in my right ear which helped me to hear better and also helped my nerves, never mind saving my sanity.

I have a new job now at the library where I have worked for almost 16 years that has less stress and is behind the scenes. The only time my ear has bothered me is when I am under a lot of stress or the weather is bad. So most of the time, thanks to Dr. He, my ear is quiet and I have gone on with my life.

Thank you for helping me when no one else could! 
-Mary Ann D.

First Child At 43 Years Old
February 14, 2007
Dear Dr. He,
We cannot thank you enough for your prominent role in bringing us our miracle baby!

After 2 years of infertility treatments including drugs, laparoscopy for endometriosis and one IVF, we had managed nothing more than one very early miscarriage. The Drs. told me that my eggs were worthless and that the only path to a baby was through donor eggs. Having read about the amazing success of acupuncture/traditional Chinese medicine in infertility cases, I ended up at Oriental Family Medicine where I not only received excellent treatment but a great deal of hope as well.

The first 9 months of treatment focused on getting my body into good working condition. My high FSH and endometriosis had to be addressed before we could attempt any further infertility treatments. The next IVF treatment yielded a better response to the drugs and my eggs which were described by previous Drs. as "poor" were now graded "excellent". We did achieve a pregnancy but it ended in miscarriage. This was demoralizing, but the warm, positive and encouraging attitude of you and your staff helped me to press on. Four months of boiled Chinese herbs ( from prescriptions written especially for me!!) reduced my FSH once again to a workable level and the next IVF yielded not only an even better response to the drugs and very healthy eggs but a beautiful baby girl named Calliope! I was 43 when she (my only child) was born and I had to assure all disbelieving medical personnel with whom I came in contact that this healthy baby was really from my own egg!

It's one thing to receive the very effective medical treatment available at Oriental Family Medicine but it's truly special to receive it in such a warm, friendly and caring atmosphere. Again, many thanks from the bottom of our hearts for helping to create a miracle!

Best wishes from your biggest fans,
-Amy, Mike and Calliope Kafantaris